Why choose Private Healthcare?

Here in the UK, essential healthcare services are available free under the NHS for legal residents, which includes people working in the UK (employed and self-employed) as well as EU nationals, refugees, eligible overseas students and recipients of UK pension who live abroad.

The NHS system is the envy of many other countries, where private medical care is the order of the day.  Yet in the UK, many patients prefer to choose private healthcare rather than the NHS for their everyday healthcare needs. So what are the attractions of seeing a private healthcare provider?

Speed – We provide quick and convenient access to private doctors, consultants and other exemplary clinicians, all at the top of their field of expertise.  You deserve the gold standard in clinical excellence with little or no waiting times for appointments, referrals or test results.

Flexibility –  Optimise your valuable time by utilising our range of extended, lunchtime, evening or weekend appointments.  We are here to fit into your busy diary, not the other way around.  We also offer telephonic or video call appointments and are here to make your life easier; be safe in the knowledge that you are accessing superlative services which are the epitome of convenience.

Choice – Freedom of choice is incredibly important for many people and we give you the opportunity to exercise that choice.  You work hard and deserve to have a group of highly esteemed clinicians aligned to your unique needs as well as the option of accessing cutting edge medical treatments and medications.

Quality – Our Private appointments and clinical services allow for longer appointment times of up to 40 minutes so that conditions can be fully explored, understood and managed, ensuring excellent quality of care and that your high standards are consistently achieved.  We also provide a host of other clinical and wellbeing services such as scans, physiotherapy, injection therapy, fitness, exercise, nutrition and more.

Privacy – We have an unrelenting focus on the provision of clinical excellence whilst ensuring our patients are provided with discrete support from the moment they enter the practice.  You can also be assured of confidentiality out with our premises with clinical appointments, updates and advice all delivered using all available media and technology.  Our emphasis is minimising time spent within our waiting areas and appointments delivered on time, every time.  

Professional – Those used to business-class service are often far more at home in a private healthcare environment, where excellent patient care is the rule, not the exception.  With a limited number of patients accepted into our practice and an unwavering determination to provide world-class customer service, we have the time and focus to ensure you are our top priority both personally and clinically.   

Facilities – We have invested in providing a beautiful, relaxing, pleasant, custom built environment in the heart of Bothwell as the setting for our Private healthcare practice, equipped with the latest, state of the art technology.  Remove the unnecessary time and stress associated with traditional waiting times, instead focusing on what is important to your health and wellbeing.

Efficiency – With our management team leading multidisciplinary teams of exemplary clinicians, all at the top of their respective fields, our focus is on each individual patient and their specific needs.  If clinically required, cross referrals for support are seamlessly arranged in-house and case managed attentively by your clinician.  This means that our referrals are fast, efficient and handled collaboratively with case discussions leading to meaningful conclusions.  Furthermore, tests or results are taken and communicated back with speed of access to diagnostics being a top priority.

As a consultant-led company, our mission is to strive towards delivering the best possible service for all our patients, whatever their needs, whenever they contact us or visit for a healthcare appointment. 


Opening times:
Monday to Friday, 9am – 8pm

Telephone: 01698 854 474         

Email: info@bothwellmedicalrooms.co.uk

28 Hamilton Road, Bothwell, G71 8NA