Occupational Physiotherapy

Businesses are realising the importance of providing a healthy, pain-free environment by providing the right equipment and introducing policies that may significantly reduce the risk of injuries like back pain and RSI’s (repetitive strain injuries). Occupational Health assessments are an important part of this process as they will provide detailed recommendations to help resolve pain in the workplace, allowing employees to focus on their work in pain-free comfort.

Bothwell Medical Rooms are helping businesses throughout Glasgow and Lanarkshire achieve healthy working environments through their unique approach towards Occupational Health and Wellbeing. By using Specialist Physiotherapists we offer comprehensive employee, workplace or workstation assessments and can also correct ergonomic and postural positioning. As Chartered Physiotherapists, we can also provide specific advice and treatment (if required) that will help remove unwanted pain and stiffness.

Exercise programs, both individual and group along with postural advice are provided to help correct poor posture as well as strengthen postural muscles with the aim to regain normal pain-free movement. Our program is designed to encourage each employee to continue their exercise program at home or in the gym.

At Bothwell Medical Rooms our Specialist Occupational Physiotherapists will work closely with both you the employer and your staff, creating a team approach to find solutions towards a healthy and pain-free working environment.

Occasionally, workstation or workplaces changes and exercise programs are not enough to completely remove pain, stiffness or injury. Therefore, hands-on physiotherapy treatment may be recommended which can be delivered on-site or from one of our five centres across Glasgow and Lanarkshire.


What we offer:

  • On-site assessments, undertaken by our team of experienced Specialist Occupational Physiotherapists.
  • Reports providing recommendations for any adjustments or changes to the workstation.
  • Advice to the employee on how to maintain pain-free postural positioning.
  • Provision of a bespoke exercise program to help reduce back pain, RSI’s (repetitive strain injuries) or other musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Arrange physiotherapy treatment if required with specialist treatments including shockwave and injection therapy.
  • Follow up review (if required) to assess the employee’s progress and provide the employer and employee with suitable expectations for a return to full duties. This will help manage expectations of both parties.
  • With each assessment, a collaborative approach is followed by the Physiotherapist, including environmental, work-station and, most importantly, the functional and everyday activities of the employee.
  • Should further investigation be required to assist diagnosis or treatment, we have a network of medical specialists to assist this process including fast-track referrals for scanning if required.
  • All patients will have access to a digital exercise program specifically designed for their injury and rehabilitation.
  • All our Physiotherapists are registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Healthcare Professions Council.

If would like to arrange a discussion around implementing a new service or upgrading from a previous service, then please contact our team today.



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