Our Health and Wellness Consultants will start you on your journey by taking your baseline biometric measurements assessing you for risk in relation to the big lifestyle related causes of illness such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.  By understanding your risks – whether large or small – we can work with you in order to manage and minimise them by setting out a considered and relevant health and wellbeing plan built only for you. 

We aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel, but rather to support and guide you to small changes that can make big differences to your life and overall wellbeing.  With medical advancements, we are all set to live longer so let, let us help you to help yourself ensure that the body and mind that you occupy on your life’s journey is as fit and healthy for that purpose as it possibly can be.  We will guide and inspire you on your path towards realising your full potential and becoming the greatest version of yourself that you can be.

We would begin with a health assessment from our GP following which an assessment with one of our Physiotherapists and Health clinicians would take place.

The Physiotherapist will be looking to determine your general health in terms of your physical movement capabilities. Working in consultation with you, we will devise a plan that fits perfectly with your lifestyle commitments, personal capabilities and what your health and wellbeing goals are.  We will monitor you closely providing either an arms-length support service or an involved personal training plan.  This can involve sessions within our fitness areas or outwith.

During our initial assessments with the GP and Physiotherapist, it may transpire that you require some rehabilitation support.  We will support you back to physical wellness using our expert Physiotherapist and state-of – the art technology ensuring you are in peak condition to begin your health and wellbeing journey.


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