Corporate Services

At Bothwell Medical Rooms we believe health and wellbeing make up the foundation of a great workforce. Numerous days and productive hours are lost each year due to absenteeism and illnesses which can spread through the workplace. We aim to help you combat this with a variety of corporate services on offer to suit your company’s needs.

General appointments

It can often take a few days for a staff member to be seen by their NHS GP, meaning they could be taking more time off before they are given treatment or advice to combat their illness. In addition, if further referrals are required for injury or further examination, this could take even more time. At Bothwell Medical Rooms we can offer same-day appointments and place urgent referrals when required. This can help you minimise absenteeism and maximise workforce productivity.


We work with companies to protect both organisations and their staff through thorough medical examinations. Medicals can be tailor-made to meet precise HR requirements if necessary, and appointments usually last around an hour per member of staff. We offer a flexible appointment system to fit in with your business and can provide further assessment if necessary.

Costs are based on the number and type of requirements requested by the company, with quotes given upon discussion of your requirements.

Occupational health services

Bothwell Medical Rooms can provide a full occupational health service to businesses.  Our day 1 absence programme is client centred to ensure the best medical advice is given to minimise disruption to your business. The occupational health team can travel to your place of business for your convenience or see your staff at the practice.

Staff travel

Working in a global economy can mean that your staff are required to travel a lot for work. Depending on the location and nature of travel, this can often involve staff requiring visas to enter a country and conduct business there. We offer a corporate private visa medical service, whereby your staff would receive a medical tailored to the particular visa/country they are visiting. These appointments usually take 1 hour per staff member and require the employee to bring a pre-filled visa form with them.


A number of jobs today involve working in a high pressured environment, or can involve tasks which can have a psychological after effect. If you are worried about staff absence through stress and anxiety, or just wish to provide your staff with reassurance that they can talk to someone confidentially about issues relating to work or home, we can help. With both a fully qualified counsellor and a clinical psychologist in the practice, your staff can speak in confidence about issues such as stress, loss, PTSD, addiction and much more.

Whether you are looking to refer staff on an individual by instance basis, or offer counselling as an employee benefit, we can discuss a solution to suit your business. Get in touch for our corporate rates.

Employee screening

Depending on the organisation, you may require your staff to undertake regular alcohol or drug screening tests. Additionally, this may be a requirement ahead of agreeing employment. Whether you require one-off multi-staff screening, regular staff checks or pre-employment screening, Bothwell Medical Rooms can help. Rates are based on your business requirements so please get in touch to discuss this further.


Musculo-skeletal problems are extremely common and one of the major reasons for sick leave for employees.

Bothwell Medical Rooms is offering physiotherapy as one of its core services. With currently no waiting list employers can have their employees seen at short notice.

Individuals are also assessed at short notice.

The areas covered are:

  • sporting injuries
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • acute and chronic low back pain
  • cervical headaches
  • arthritic joint pain
  • women’s health including antenatal/postnatal muscle joint pain


Opening times:
Monday to Friday, 9am – 8pm

Telephone: 01698 854 474         


28 Hamilton Road, Bothwell, G71 8NA